My name is Nikki de Zwart and I am an emerging artist from Dutch origin. Painting is my medium of choice, but I also enjoy sculpting as well. Therefore, I tent to cross-experiment with these two different art forms, by adding sculptural elements to my paintings and exploring the boundaries between two and three-dimensional form. I haven't always been so focused on art. While growing up in the Netherlands, I developed a strong interest in animals, wildlife and the natural environment, which still influences my work. I studied Animal Care, with a specialisation in Zoo Keeping, worked in zoos, shelters and with horses.


Eventually, I started working for a pets insurance office. After several years of working behind a desk, I really started to wonder what else life had to offer. I kind of lost my sense of purpose in life and I had no idea what I wanted. I decided to enroll in a course for life purpose realisation and personal development (2012-2014) facilitated by my talented cousin. The course taught me how to align myself with my deepest desires, by working through the layers to get closer to the core, allowing myself to re-connect with my inner most self. 


The course in combination with a near death experience (I don't wish to write a book right now, so I'll skip this part) helped me to get unstuck and stimulated me to break free from everyday life. I needed a change of environment as my soul strongly desired freedom. It took me a year to plan it, but I eventually quite my job and undertook a ten-month journey to New Zealand (2014-2015). It was something I had wanted to do for a very long time. In New Zealand I guided tourists on horsetreks and travelled my way around both Islands while recovering a sense of freedom and independence. 
Once back again in the Netherlands, I started experimenting with painting. As a child, I used to be very creative. However, it had never crossed my mind  to become an artist as I was only interested in developing a career around my passion for animals. This was about to change when I started experimenting with painting. Still fulfilled with a strong sense of freedom from my recent voyage, the paintings I created also seemed to radiate with similar energy. After receiving much positive and encouraging feedback from my peers, I felt inspired to adventure on this new creative journey. It felt like I had discovered some kind of magic when I realised I could give physical shape to my thoughts and visions with my paint brush. There was something very satisfying about that. My paintings became part of a fundraising project to save up money for my new journey that I was planning and would take me all the way to Australia. 

In April 2016, I arrived in Melbourne, where I continued to paint while I travelled and worked my way around the South,-East and West Coast for nearly two years, until I eventually settled in Perth to study the Diploma of Visual Arts at the North Metropolitan TAFE (2018-2019). Perth was my haven and by far, my most favourite city in Australia. I thoroughly enjoyed my art classes, especially sculpture and developed a passion for working with clay, 
I ended up exploring portraiture through both painting and sculpting, and love combining these different elements. Most of my work seems to emerge from my connection with nature, and in particular the ocean, with its captivating energy of freedom and the promise of change that awaits us at the horizon. In my art, I display feelings of unity with the natural world, which allows me to cherish a deeper sense of connection.
During my two years of studying Visual Arts, I exhibited my work in several group exhibitions, competitions and a small humble solo show. After graduating in 2019, I started working at a School of Early Learning. I enjoy guiding children in creative projects and love helping them expressing their ideas. This inspired me to start developing my own art programs for children. I now create and facilitate my own painting workshops and courses for kids. Aside from teaching workshops, I also paint commissions (e.g portraits). 

If you are interested in my art, in any of the workshops or wish to purchase an original work or commission me to create something special for you, then I encourage you to contact me to discuss the possibilities. If you are interested in painting classes for yourself or your children, please send me an email or text and also keep an eye out on the bookings page of the website. If you are an artist or an arts organisation and would like to collaborate with me on creative projects, please feel free to get in touch!

Phone: 0481 859 429