Portrait Commissions

Would you like to have your portrait painted?

In my approach to painting I prefer to work quite intuitively. This allows me to create something special. After all, it's not just about capturing a person's physical appearance. I aim to give it an extra touch, a certain essence that resonates with the person's energy. 

Dreamscape portraits

This is a special kind of portrait, in where I create an atmospheric world around a person; a so called dreamscape. I tap into my creativity,  allowing for my imagination to come forth and shape a world that connects with the person. It's more of a holistic approach to painting in where I work with oil, acrylic, a mixture of both and / or a variety of other mediums. 


Prices vary between $300 - $500 and depend on the size, time, medium and complexity of the work. 

Basic portraits 

This is a more straight forward approach. I stick to the reference photo submitted by you and create a realistic portrait. Prices are depending on size and complexity. Where there are multiple people / children in the picture, it usually takes a little longer. Prices vary in between
$220 - $ 400 Aus. dollars.  

To give you an idea:


$ 220,- for size A3 / single person, acrylic on canvas. 

$ 250,- for size A3 / single person, oil on canvas 

$ 270,- for size A2/ single person, acrylic on canvas.

$ 300,- for size A2 single person, oil on canvas

$ 350,- for size A2 with two people, acrylic on canvas 

$ 400,- for size A2 with three people, oil on canvas 


Worldwide shipping available. 

In addition to the portraits, I can paint your pet friends, favourite holiday picture, wedding photo, wildlife imagery, or any other special moments that you have managed to capture on camera. 


I want to make sure that your are satisfied before I send anything over and will contact you beforehand. This allows me to make any adjustments if needed, to meet your expectations. I always pour heart and soul into my art and depending on how busy I am, it usually takes me about 3-5 weeks to complete. 

Please let me know your wishes. Email your inquiry to: